How many weeks of lessons should my child attend?

While every student is different, we recommend that students attend lessons for at least 8 days. It is important that a student has at least 8 days of instruction because of the progression of our program, as well as the complexity of learning to swim and or for someone who wants to dramatically improve their strokes. Each day, new techniques and skills are taught and built upon. Therefore, the more lessons a student receives, the more opportunities they have to progress.

For our younger students still mastering water safety and basic swimming skills, we recommend closer to 3 weeks of lessons. With these children, it is essential that they develop the muscle memory and breathing techniques that will enable them to stay safe in the water on their own. They must also acquire the strength and confidence to allow them to swim independently, which takes practice and repetition.

We recommend that older students who are able to swim on their own attend for at least 8 days or more of lessons depending on their swim goals.These students tend to learn skills more quickly, but need to develop the stamina and strength necessary to swim for longer periods of time. In addition, these swimmers tend to focus on more refined techniques, and consecutive lessons can help them build upon these skills more successfully.

It is also important to note that results are amplified when the weeks of lessons are back-to-back. Just as with most activities in life, the longer break you take, the more time it takes to readjust. When students attend for subsequent weeks, they do not have to waste any time relearning the techniques and readjusting to the format. This helps to build muscle memory very quickly, which allows for more progress.

Lastly, it’s important to remember that swimming is a lifelong sport. Much like other complex activities, there are many skills and techniques to learn, and these cannot be mastered in just a few weeks or even an entire summer. Our goal at Farnsworth Swim School is to help our students progress and become more skilled, confident swimmers during the time they spend with us.

We are a swim school that consists of 9 levels from absolute beginner to advanced & ages 1-adult. Each summer there is more to learn and if someone starts with us at age 1 and comes every summer, they typically go up to 15/16 years old if they are wanting to master all 6 strokes. In the upper levels we teach stroke refinement, endurance building skills, swim team tips and life guard lead up skills.