Client Testimonials

Both of our daughters have been going to the Farnsworth Swim School since they were young.  I love to watch my oldest daughter (now 14) swim because she swims very gracefully.

Our youngest daughter was three when we got her started with swim lessons.  Little did we know that these lessons would eventually help save her life.  During a winter party at a friends home, she had slipped out of the house unnoticed, and after a bit of searching, we raced to the pool and found her in the pool fully clothed with shoes, but treading water just enough to keep her head above water.  She had ingested a lot of water.  After a medical evaluation, we brought her home and thanked God for another chance.  But we also thank, acknowledge and credit the individual attention that Marianne, Jaynie and Megan gave her, as they give to all their students, in helping her become water safe at that young age.

Our daughter is now 7 years old and has been going to the Farnsworth Swim School for the last 4 years, each year since that near drowning, and is currently a competitive swimmer on the Almaden Dolphins swim team.

Winnie & Steve, San Jose, CA

I’m 42 years old and never learned to swim and I was tired of wading around the shallow end all the time. Then we found the best swim teacher in Jaynie Farnsworth. Within 5 minutes Jaynie taught me the proper breathing technique and within 30 minutes I was swimming free-style across the pool. She is an amazing teacher and works with you at your perfect comfort level. She helped me get past my fear of the water to the point where I couldn’t wait to dive in. In only a week I’ve become pool safe, enjoy playing with my kids, and I’m even swimming for exercise.

Steve, San Jose, CA

Both of my kids learned to swim at the Farnsworth Swim School.  I was always amazed at the amount of progress they made.  The scope and sequence of skills was well understood by the teachers, and in a fun way they made sure that my kids progressed at every lesson.  The one-on-one attention was so much more effective than the group lessons we also tried elsewhere.  The teachers were also sensitive to my requests to move at my kids’ paces, allowing them to gain confidence in the water.  They were able to playfully entice my kids to try the new things, without using tricks or pressure.  We always had good experiences at the school, over the seven years or so that we took lessons there.  We are so sorry that Marianne is gone and we wish her husband and children only the best in the future.

Dodi, San Jose, CA

I really like the Farnsworth swim school. My son, a 5 year old with a learning disability, would not stick his whole head under the water, but Jaynie helped him accomplish this. He was also floating on his back and swimming a few strokes by the end of our first 8 day lesson. They are very patient and they make it fun for the kids. My son asked to take lessons again this year.

Melynda, San Jose, CA

I found the Farnsworth Swim School on Yelp, and decided to give it a try.  Without a doubt, this is one of the best decisions I have ever made.

I am a 34 year old mother and police officer, and I did not know how to swim.  For 34 years, I waded in the shallow end, sat at the edge of the pool, missed out on pool parties, beach days, snorkeling in Hawaii, and many other water-related adventures due to my fear of the water.  Deciding to learn to swim was an easy decision to make because I knew that my children’s lives and the safety of the community I serve depended on it.  I just needed the right person to guide me.

I signed up for five 40-minute private lessons and I was fortunate enough to have Jaynie Farnsworth as my instructor. I was apprehensive that I’d actually learn to swim in 5 days, but I had an amazing instructor who was extremely knowledgeable, personable, patient, genuinely cares about water safety, and made learning really fun.  After five days, I was swimming freestyle, backstroke, floating, treading and diving!! That’s insane and I could hardly believe this is my body doing all these things! Jaynie taught me the importance of proper breathing, which made a world of difference. She has a motto of “swimming smarter, not harder” and it totally makes sense.  Swimming feels natural and easy to me now, it’s amazing.  I’m very excited to get in the water with my family and continue learning and building on the foundation that Jaynie laid for me.

I definitely recommend Farnsworth Swim School.  It was worth every penny.  Thanks Jaynie!

Ellie, San Jose, CA

We started Farnsworth Swim School 3 years ago when our daughter was just 2-years-old. We understand safety comes first and wanted her to try swim before any other type of sport. We found Farnsworth by searching on-line. We knew from the beginning, we wanted private one-on-one lessons. We didn’t mind paying a bit more either. We also wanted a salt water pool, which this pool is, only 15% chlorine. Jaynie, the Owner rents a pool from a resident in the beautiful neighborhood in Alamden. The parents are provided chairs and a shade canopy to watch their children during their lesson. There is also a pool/guest house on the property to change the children or go to the restroom, if needed.

The past 3 years have been awesome! Our daughter enjoys her classes and swims well! All of the instructors have been so amazing! Jaynie, the Owner knows what she is doing and hires very qualified instructors.

We now have a second child the age of 20 months and we put her in this Summer and she loves it! Kim is her instructor and is the sweetest girl and my daughter loves her! It makes me feel so good knowing that my girls are in great hands. I have no doubts whatsoever!

If you read the history behind Farnsworth Swim School that will make you want to support this company even more. Jaynie, has taken over the program in legacy of her Mother and that warms my heart so much. I also feel it’s very important to support small business’s. Jaynie, is such a sweet person and we are so fortunate to have found a swim program like this. This is a little Gem! We can’t wait till next year and look forward to our lessons every Summer!!

Julie Sabic, San Jose, CA

I actually found Farnsworth Swim School through Yelp about 3 years back. My oldest son just finished up his third summer of lessons here and he is at intermediate level. He definitely progressed a lot this past summer and he is confident in the pool. My son’s classes were are all 1:1 private sessions which costs more on the front end but it saves you a lot of money and time in the long run because the kids progress so much more quickly with private lessons. All of the instructors are great with the kiddos and the owner, Jaynie is really accommodating and works with you if you have a certain situation you need to work with her on. My son will be back next summer again.

Michelle Holley, San Jose, CA

I found the school through a casual Google search and I am glad I did it. Having spent more than a year going to typical once a week group classes not seeing much progress, I decided that 1:1 was the best approach for my son. And as expected he picked up so much in 2 weeks what could not do for months. Now he is encouraged by his own progress that he is motivated to get better.

Janie is very helpful and she in fact was the instructor of my son for a 2 weeks session. Other instructors who work for her are also super nice. I even signed up my wife who for her life is scared for water. Now she is water safe and all motivated to learn.  I wish Janie can offer her classes year round.

Mohamad, San Jose, CA