Growth Mindset

One of the most important qualities to have in order to learn something new is a growth mindset. If you have a growth mindset, you believe that hard work is important and that you can do anything you put your mind [...]

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How to Apply Sunscreen

With all of the time spent in the sun during swim lessons, it’s really important that all of our swimmers correctly apply sunscreen to avoid getting sunburned. Because they will be getting in the water, it is extremely important that swimmers [...]

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Health Benefits of Swimming

Swimming is not only an essential skill to learn and refine, but it has many health benefits. Unlike many other sports, swimming works many muscle groups simultaneously. No matter what stroke you’re doing, your arms, legs, and core muscles are engaged. [...]

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Crying is Normal!

Swimming is like learning a language. The younger you learn, the easier it is and the more likely you are to master it. The longer that parents wait to start swim lessons, the more fear can set in. When beginning [...]

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Hands-on Instruction

One aspect that makes our swim school unique is that we utilize hands-on instruction in all of our lessons. While most other programs involve a lot of coaching and verbal instructions in their lessons, our instructors spend a lot of time [...]

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Muscle Memory

When it comes to swimming, muscle memory is an extremely important part of the learning process. At first, swimming can be challenging for most people. While many other sports come quite naturally, it tends to be more difficult to master [...]

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The Power of Bubbles

In this week’s post, I wanted to take a moment to talk about the power of bubbles and breathing because they are the foundation of swimming. Without them, there would be no swimming and I believe their power is sometimes [...]

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