Level 2/Intermediate Lessons

When a swimmer reaches level 2, they are no longer considered a beginner. This level focuses on fundamental aquatic skills, continuing to move towards freestyle and backstroke mastery. These swimmers will also begin to learn sidestroke and elementary backstroke techniques. [...]

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Level 1/Advanced Beginner Lessons

Once a student has graduated from the tadpole and goldfish levels, they begin to work through the American Red Cross levels. Level 1 focuses on an introduction to water skills, continuing to emphasize water safety. Students within this level are considered [...]

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Goldfish/Beginner Swim Lessons

As stated in last week’s newsletter, there are 9 levels that make up the swim program here at Farnsworth Swim School. Once a student has graduated from the beginning tadpole level, they are then considered a “goldfish.” These students learn [...]

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Summary of Levels: Tadpole

At Farnsworth Swim School, our program consists of 9 levels, ranging from absolute beginner to advanced. Our beginning level is the tadpole level and refers to swimmers who are not water safe and are often taking lessons for the very [...]

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The Power of Bubbles

In this week’s post, I wanted to take a moment to talk about the power of bubbles and breathing because they are the foundation of swimming. Without them, there would be no swimming and I believe their power is sometimes [...]

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The Importance of Muscle Memory

When it comes to swimming, muscle memory is an extremely important part of the learning process. Once a student begins taking swim lessons, they immediately start to develop muscle memory. This is especially important since our program runs only during [...]

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Benefits of 1-on-1 Lessons

One of the reasons that the Farnsworth Swim School is so successful is because we specialize in offering one-on-one lessons. Our private lessons provide so many benefits! They allow students to: engage in a low-risk activity (in regards to COVID-19) experience [...]

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