One of the reasons that the Farnsworth Swim School is so successful is because we specialize in offering one-on-one lessons. Our private lessons provide so many benefits!

They allow students to:

  • engage in a low-risk activity (in regards to COVID-19)
  • experience accelerated learning,
  • form a special trusting relationship with their instructor
  • have their own unique needs met

One-on-one lessons are especially important with the current COVID-19 spread. The student will only come into contact with one person, their swim instructor, making it a very low-risk activity.

Because the lessons are private, students excel 10 times faster than they would in group lessons! Each day, the student improves dramatically since the lessons are tailored to their exact level.

  • The instructor is able to modify their teaching as needed to provide the perfect balance of challenge and fun.
  • Since the lessons put the individual student at the center of attention, an empowering context for success is created. 

Another benefit of private lessons is that the student gets to develop a personal, positive rapport with their swim instructor. There are not many situations where kids get to spend one-on-one time with a teacher or coach, and their swim lesson instructor is both!

  • Since they see their instructor on a daily basis, the relationship and trust forms quickly.
  • The students learn more quickly since they are able to overcome their fears and learn more advanced skills, and the instructor can teach more effectively since they know exactly how to make the learning interesting and appropriately challenging for each individual student.


Because each lesson is one-on-one, the instructor is able to be sure that each student’s needs are met.

  • In a private setting, the lesson focuses on the needs of the individual & their specific learning style. The instructor can get to know the student’s personality quickly, noticing whether they are brave or hesitant, energetic or reserved, silly or serious, and every trait in between! They are then able to alter their teaching strategies to best fit each student.
  • Additionally, there are little to no behavior problems within one-on-one lessons since the instructor is able to put all of their focus on the one student.

Private lessons have so many benefits, just a few of which are listed here. Once you experience the effectiveness of one-on-one lessons, it’s hard to go back to group lessons ever again!