Learn to Swim Quicker with an Immersive Experience

We are exclusively a summer seasonal program

During the summer, students have the opportunity for an immersive experience since school is out. An immersive experience is the fastest way to learn. It consists of coming Monday-Thurs and some Fridays that build muscle memory, confidence and a powerful foundation for water safety, improving strokes and other swimming skills like treading water and dives.  An immersive experience is similar to a foreign language immersion program that accelerates fluency in the water with each day.

What package is right for me?

In over 25 years of swim teaching experience, most students progress with a minimum of 8 days for best results. 3 weeks for optimal results (one 8-day and one 5-day package). We are an immersive swim experience that consists of consecutive weekdays of either Mon-Thurs for 2 weeks (8-day) or Mon-Fri for 5 days.

The immersive/consecutive days builds muscle memory and confidence that create powerful results. The progress amplifies with each day and by the end of 8 days or 3 weeks, you will be unrecognizable. The combination of 1 on 1 lessons with consecutive days creates results 10 times more powerful than group lessons or lessons 1-2 times a week. You’re investing in water safety, skill improvement and fun!

What results can I see after 8 days?

The progress for each swimmer, no matter what level and age they are, is accelerated by our program and is faster than other programs. The combination of the 1 on 1 lessons with the immersive experience is the perfect formula for swimming success and of course, water safety and stroke and skill improvement. Each student will be unrecognizable by the end!

Students tend to come 1-2 times a summer to continue to improve their skills and with every age and level, there is more to learn. They won’t lose their swimming skills because it is in the muscle memory, but to continue to improve they need to practice, and that’s why returning each summer is important.

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