When a swimmer reaches level 2, they are no longer considered a beginner. This level focuses on fundamental aquatic skills, continuing to move towards freestyle and backstroke mastery. These swimmers will also begin to learn sidestroke and elementary backstroke techniques.

Level 2 students continue to build upon their backstroke skills.

  • While Level 1 swimmers are still learning backstroke techniques, Level 2 focuses on building strength and stamina in order to swim backstroke for longer lengths.
  • These students work on longer back glides, and will be able to push off of the wall and float on their back for at least 2 body lengths.
  • In order to master level 2, these swimmers must be able to swim at least 15 yards of backstroke unassisted.

Other important skills that level 2 students will learn are elementary backstroke and sidestroke.

  • These are very important safety strokes that allow swimmers to stay afloat while conserving energy.
  • Elementary backstroke is done on your back with a breaststroke kick. Students will also begin to learn the arm movements for this stroke, moving their arms up and down within the water to propel themselves forward.
  • Students will also begin to learn sidestroke by first practicing kicking on their side.

In order to pass Level 2, a swimmer must be able to:

  • swim 15 yards of backstroke and freestyle, without any sign of struggle
  • do a front float for 5 seconds, roll over to their back, and recover to standing
  • do a back float for 5 seconds, roll over to their stomach, and recover to standing

These students must have a firm grasp on water safety and freestyle and backstroke skills before they can move on to Level 3.