Many parents may wonder if their child still needs to take swimming lessons once they are on the swim team. At the Farnsworth Swim School, we teach all levels of swimming and are highly skilled at coaching swim team members.

There is a belief that once on the swim team, swimmers are getting all their needs met and that they know everything about swimming. However, there is not a lot of 1-on-1 instruction that takes place on the swim team and the focus is on speed rather than form. At the Farnsworth Swim School, we offer stroke clinic, which aids students in achieving their swim team goals. In the stroke clinic, we teach students how to refine their strokes, master flip turns, master racing dives, and more.

Many students know all 4 strokes, and yet they have not mastered them. Each stroke is unique and takes a lot of practice to learn. With a 1-on-1 stroke clinic, a swimmer is able to get instant and specific feedback about their stroke technique, and put their new skills into practice immediately. Consequently, students improve their form quickly and are able to leverage their strength to swim faster with less effort while having more energy.