I have always loved treading water for not only water safety, but it helps me get in amazing shape! Why is it important to learn to tread water?   

One of the most important skills we teach at the Farnsworth Swim School is how to tread water. Treading water is the ability to keep your head above water while swimming in an upright position. This skill is not only essential for more advanced athletes and water polo players, but it is key for basic water safety.

If the need arises, it is important to be able to swim in place without expending too much energy. In an emergency, this would be an ideal skill to utilize until help arrives. Treading water is a huge part of water safety.

Even our youngest swimmers are able to learn how to tread water! In the most basic form, we teach our swimmers to bicycle their legs while moving their hands back and forth. Treading water can be especially useful for young children since it is easy to learn and can help them stay safe in the water. 

It’s also a great confidence booster for swimmers of any age. If you know that you’re able to stay safe in deep water, you’re more likely to feel calm and capable in the pool. It also helps swimmers conquer their fear of the “deep end” once they know that they will be able to stay afloat without much effort.

No matter your age, treading water is a great way to stay safe in the water while using minimal energy.