With all of the time spent in the sun during swim lessons, it’s really important that all of our swimmers correctly apply sunscreen to avoid getting sunburned. Because they will be getting in the water, it is extremely important that swimmers put their sunscreen on at least 20 minutes prior to their lesson (most likely at home unless you arrive very early!). It takes 20 minutes for the sunscreen to absorb into the skin, so if you put it on right before your child enters the water, the sunscreen will come right off. Not only will the child be at risk of a sunburn, but the excess sunscreen will go into the pool and contaminate the water.

When putting on sunscreen, make sure to apply it to any part of their skin that is not covered by their swim suit. Don’t forget places such as the tops of their ears and under their swim suit straps. It might seem like a no-brainer, but be sure that you are using waterproof sunscreen. It’s also important to note that some sunscreens are seen as carcinogenic and that mineral-based sunscreens tend to be the safest, most natural options.