When it comes to swimming, muscle memory is an extremely important part of the learning process. Once a student begins taking swim lessons, they immediately start to develop muscle memory. This is especially important since our program runs only during the summer, plus the fact that swimming tends to be a more seasonal activity. Because of this, it’s really great to know that kids will remember the skills that they’ve learned in the past!

Whenever you’re learning a new swimming skill, you must practice many times I order to build muscle memory.

  • When you swim for the first time, your body is not used to the motions that are required.
  • In order to make swimming feel second nature, you must practice the movements over and over again.
  • The more often you repeat the motion, the stronger your muscle memory becomes.

Muscle memory is one of the reasons that the structure of our lessons allows our students to progress so quickly.

  • Since the lessons are every day, muscle memory forms rapidly. This then allows more time to practice other skills, such as endurance and efficiency.
  • This also explains why you may see students practicing similar skills each day.
  • Although each student is pushed more and more as the days go by, the basics must be repeated in order to build stronger muscle memory.

Muscle memory is the foundation of swimming progress, allowing skills to be retained whether a student has had weeks, months, or years between lessons.