I hope that everyone is staying safe and protecting themselves and their loved ones throughout this challenging time on the planet right now with the pandemic COVID-19.  My heart goes out to everyone right now! Even though we are in a time of social distancing, we are in solidarity because we are all doing this together in service of the health and well-being of the planet.Take advantage of the downtime at home to rest and rejuvenate if you can.

As of right now, we are still moving forward with our 2020 swim season while taking into account CDC guidelines for proper health and safety of all swim families and our pool facilities.  We will keep you posted and updated WEEKLY. Please stay on the list to receive updates! We still invite you to register!

Summary from last week’s newsletter & updates


  • 1 on 1 lessons in a private home are dramatically safer & cleaner than group lessons in a public pool.

  • Swimming improves the immune system and helps strengthen overall health.

  • We request that families limit the number of people watching their family members’ to 2-3 people at a time and encourage a 6 foot distance between people outside of the pool. I will be asking for the help of parents and my team to enforce this!

  • We will take appropriate measures to REGULARLY and EFFICIENTLY CLEAN the areas in and around the pool with proper sanitation in accordance with the CDC guidelines.

  •  If you’re sick, please stay home and take care of yourself as you would do anyway. We always make other arrangements for people who are sick or have emergencies.

  • Summer events that are being cancelled are HUGE public events and are incomparable to our safe, small backyard 1 on 1 private swim program.


6 Things We Can Learn From Swimming as a Metaphor for Life

  1. Please remember to take deep breaths with full inhales and exhales from your belly to activate your stamina and your parasympathetic nervous system; your rest and digest response vs fight, flight, & freeze.

    a. (in swimming the exhale is the bubbles, so imagine your bubbles; imagination is good for your creative brain).

  2. Swim through the unknown with resilience and tap into your inner strength.

  3. Stay curious, lean in, and try your best. Bring your whole self forward as you would when swimming.

  4. Remember as part of water safety... tread the waters of LIFE with confidence & courage.

  5. Trust that even though this may feel unfamiliar & scary that you’ll get through this with the appropriate strokes, breathing and support.

  6. Try to surrender and let your body be supported by the water as you would when you float. There is always support around you, but you must trust & allow yourself to receive it. 

    If you haven’t registered yet for summer 2020 and want to, but are concerned about what your summer will look like given the circumstances, we’re offering payment options. This applies to new registrations only. Please contact Jaynie & Christina for more info.

    Please contact Jaynie &/ or Christina with immediate questions or concerns (415) 672-0219 or info@farnsworthswimschool.com. In the meantime, please stay safe and healthy everyone! We can’t shelter our hearts from hope and love. Let’s transform this panic into HOPE and COURAGE for a positive future for our families!